Dear Readers,

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my humorous and often blunt alter-ego, Veranda Worth-Moore.  She is as knowledgeable as I am about matters of the heart, perhaps even more so, and she is much funnier.  She is also highly social, unlike my usually Introverted self.  Veranda is a born writer, a real word-a-holic with a silly penchant for puns and wordplay.  She wanted to have a page on my website so I decided to let her.  Perhaps her antics will lighten someone’s emotional burden for a moment or two.

Please note: Veranda will never write about any identifiable individuals unless they are public figures.  Sometimes Veranda can’t resist commenting on their outrageously dysfunctional shenanigans.  But mostly Veranda plans to respond to your email questions and comments, but in a general way.  The intent is to provide educational and entertaining information.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness, disease, disorder or syndrome, mental or otherwise.  In fact, if your question is serious, and particularly if it is urgent, and you feel it is an emergency, do NOT write to Auntie Veranda.  Instead, go to your phone and dial “911” or go to your nearest emergency room.

Yours in laughter and healing,

aka Leah Cochrane, LMFT
FreeHeart Counseling


Here’s your chance to Ask Auntie Veranda



Hallooo! and greetings everyone! Welcome to Ask Auntie, your first-choice online source of prime information about relationships—love relationships (same sex and opposite sex), marriage, family, blended family, siblings, parent-child, adult child-older parent, caretaker relationships, polyandry relationships, (adult) play date etiquette and you-name-it, all here just for those who have relationship questions, dilemmas or “situations” you’d like to haul out for some discerning commentary from yours truly.

What kind of questions, you ask?  Here’s a for-instance: are you a well-meaning human who finds herself or himself in yet another tiresome relationship and you’d like to know what the fmph is wrong with the other person? Or are you someone who consistently picks partners who are flawed in some essential way—in other words, do you have a ‘broken picker?’ Are you a doomed Introvert in this Extravert-driven society? Do you run in the opposite direction when you hear the phrase “We need to talk”? Or, are you a “nut-magnet,” a “mooch-magnet,” or worst of all, do you feel like you have a bull’s-eye painted on your posterior when it comes to all manner of alcoholics, pill poppers and drama queens (of either gender)?  Is it always the other person’s fault, for real?  And are you sick to death of reading self-help books that definitely don’t help?  These are the kind of questions that are fodder for my incisive pen.  I’m certain you can come up with some doozies on your own.

Pour out your questions to your Auntie Veranda. And no smart remarks about the name, either. Veranda is a perfectly fine family name, the honest result of parents, Andrew and Vera, who were not that clever. But that’s neither here nor there, so there you are. Case closed.  The Auntie part is a lovely custom on Hawaii, where the elders are addressed by those younger as Auntie or Uncle. A lovely custom and much warmer than addressing someone as Mr. or Ms. Therefore, Auntie Veranda it is, so like it or lump it. Now, on to the juicy stuff.

If you have a relationship question, scenario, dilemma or whatever, and you’d like Auntie to respond to it, simply email it to Auntie Veranda using the email form on the “Contact Leah” page of this website.  She’ll pass them on to me.  And don’t worry about your privacy.  Leah knows how to keep her mouth shut.

Ta! Darlings, and here’s wishing you Love & Happy Relating!

Auntie Veranda