psychological self assessment

Whatever it was that brought you to this website, chances are it was something you haven’t been able to deal with on your own.  Even if you are usually very self-sufficient, or laid-back or creative or whatever your strengths happen to be, you can’t always do it by yourself. Here’s your chance to do a little self-exploration, a little bit of psychological self assessment, if you will.

In fact, untangling an emotional issue by yourself without any input is like trying to iron your shirt while you’re wearing it.  It might be possible but it will hurt like the dickens and will probably leave you with a few wrinkles in spite of your efforts.  That’s what therapy, self help efforts and psychological self assessment are for—to give you a perspective you can’t manage from where you’re standing right now.  Sometimes you just need some input from an outside source.  Sometimes you just need someone to tell you the truth—someone who doesn’t have a horse in your race.

Psychological Self-Assessment and Self-Help Tutorials and Other Resources

That’s what this list of “tutorials” are for, in part.  There will be counseling stories to share experiences, information about various aspects of psychotherapy, education about psychology, psychological self assessment questions to consider and psychological exercises.

There are case examples to highlight communication problems and solutions, issues that come up in marriage, parenting help, and special help for alternative families.

There is also a fun column with my alter-ego, Veranda Worth-Moore.  She answers relationship questions.  Check out the “Dear Auntie” column in this “More Good Stuff for You” tab and in the forthcoming newsletter.  By the way, I invented Auntie in part for fun, just to lighten up a sometimes-heavy topic, but also because I know that sometimes you just need an answer to a single question.

You’ll have an opportunity to email Auntie Veranda with your real questions.  She will choose  some every week or so to answer.  Who is Auntie?  In part, she is a spiritual sister to the beloved matchmaker, Mame (of course).  Auntie Veranda is also full of humorous yet educational information you may find very meaningful in your ongoing search for success in your relationships.  She loves puns and word play but promises to keep it reasonable.

I hope you enjoy these educational offerings, and that they inform you.  I will add more as time goes on and include them in FreeHeart Counseling’s page on Facebook, where appropriate.  My goal for this section is to provide you with helpful information and perhaps a little fun.

If you have general questions, please feel free to email me from the Contact Leah page on this website.  If something you read brings up feelings or memories you’d like to talk about, please give me a call on my cell at 415-710-6615 so we can see if I can be of service to you.  If so, we can set up a time to talk in person.  Even if you just have a question about something you’ve seen here, you are welcome to call.

Everyone deserves to have a heart free of suffering, free of confusion, free of the past—and to be free to love.  That’s why I started FreeHeart Counseling, after all.

I hope you find these offerings helpful.  They include:


and more.  Check out the pull-down list, and enjoy exploring.  If there is a topic you are particularly interested in, email me or Auntie Veranda.